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4 Seasons Midwest’s COVID-19 Policy

Dear Valued Customers,

As we all navigate through the series of current events with COVID-19, we want to be transparent about our diligence towards the safety of our personal and professional families. All CDC, State, and local guidelines will be followed by all company representatives. 

4 Seasons Midwest is taking the following precautionary measures to operate our business and provide the proper precautionary measures for our employees and customers:

  • Instituting stricter company policies on washing hands, and cleaning protocols at the workplace.
  • Any company representative that becomes unwell will be asked to remain at home.
  • We are practicing social distancing in our workplace and our customer project locations
  • There are hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, and disinfectant wipes available for all staff.
  • All company representatives will use precautionary measures and properly disinfect all tools and equipment before and after projects are completed.

Our business model is already a step ahead of most practices for safety in the following areas: 

  • Our installation is inherently low-risk since crews will only have one project daily. We are not visiting multiple homes for installation in a single day.
  • Our sales appointments are always one-on-one with homeowners directly. This will abide with social distancing practices.

4 Seasons Midwest will continue to operate as normally as possible through this difficult time we are all facing.  We encourage you to support your local businesses and families in any way possible.  Even during hard times, we know that issues with your home still occur – degradation of siding, leaking windows, and rising utility costs to name just a few.


In response to current events, 4 Seasons Midwest will also be implementing a new virtual sales platform.

This process is designed to reduce risk even further and to provide our customers an additional way to access our services.  We are happy to roll out this new process to help you utilize the time at home as required by state regulations.  In doing this we hope to set a new precedent in customer service – service that is more efficient and allows us to help more customers in the process!

Thank you for choosing 4 Seasons Midwest as your home improvement solution!


Michael Heilbrun and JT Penner:     

Co-Founders 4 Seasons Midwest

4 Seasons Midwest is commited to serving our customers, click here to read our COVID-19 policy.