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Professional Home Siding Installers in Wichita, KS


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Trusted Experts To Take On All Of Your Vinyl Siding Engineered Siding Low Maintenance Energy Efficient

Professional Home Siding Installers in Wichita, KS

No-Maintenance and Low-Maintenance Exterior Options for Your Home

Professional Home Siding Installers in Wichita, KS

CedarMAX is manufactured by integrating our ‘Super Polymer Formulated’ vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation, which provides all the beauty, durability and sustainability of vinyl siding. What’s more, you also get the added bonus of improved energy efficiency.

CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding is engineered with a strong, rigid foam backing that can bridge the subtle bows and dips that are present on almost every wall. This makes for longer, straighter panels and an increased curb appeal. Unlike conventional hollow siding, which can be damaged by rain, hail or contact with your child’s fastball, CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding offers five times greater impact resistance over hollow siding.

Quality Wood Siding Installed by Professionals

Available in a variety of colors and types, you’ll be sure to find a look that fits your home.

Why Choose 4 Seasons Midwest Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated Vinyl siding from 4 Seasons Midwest is designed to stand up to just about anything. It will hold up against rain, wind, hail, or your child’s fastball.

Our rigid foam insulated siding offers 5 times greater impact resistance to hollow siding.

Thick, Durable, Impact Resistant, and Low Maintenance

Our insulated vinyl siding is the thickest available on the market. The thicker profile offers superior impact protection and is wind-tested to 227mph. Our built-in insulation also means your home will be much more efficient than with hollow siding.

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We have offered top quality siding  repair and contracting for over a decade.

We want you to know you are in good hands, additionally We aren’t interested in providing you products you don’t want or need. As a siding company in  wichita ks, we know what the kansas weather can bring and we make sure your home is matched with the best products.